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Good Luck to Our Very Own Kathryn!

Monday, April 30th, 2012

Over the past couple years The Charles Realty has had the pleasure of working with Kathryn Flynn in the office.  Kathryn has been the director of marketing here and done a wonderful job to say the least.

She began as an intern and did such a phenomenal job with her amazing design skills, impeccable work ethic, social media knowledge and her upbeat personality, that everyone decided she needed a real position with the company.  Since then she has done nothing but good for the office. We have really appreciated working with her.  Not only did Kathryn take on great responsibilities here, she was also an honors student at Emerson College where she is now completing her senior year and she is in the midst of planning her own wedding for this summer!

Kathryn really is a hard worker with great maturity and we’re truly grateful for everything she has done. As Kathryn graduates, gets married, and moves across the country we’re all wishing her good luck and saying THANK YOU for everything!

Real Estate and Social Media

Friday, February 24th, 2012

Last week we highlighted the importance of a good real estate website.  This week we want to highlight something a little bit more fun, social media! Who doesn’t love social media?  You have Facebook, your friends do,  your parents do, and your grandparents probably do too. Then you have Twitter, and blogs (which you’re reading right now), and Pinterest, and so on and so forth. Social media isn’t going away either, it’s here for at least a little bit longer.

In today’s world, social media is nearly a requirement for any business and that includes real estate. Social media is all about starting a conversation.  It allows agencies and individual brokers to have a two way conversation with clients.  Clients can say what they like (or don’t like) and they can tell the agency at the same time that they tell all their friends.  It’s the ideal tool for promoting word-of-mouth and a free way to boost public relations.

Social media also takes almost no commitment on the client’s end when they click “like” or “follow” on your agencies page.  It’s simple and doesn’t feel like work. It’s also a tool for learning more about your clients and connecting with them on a more personal level than a website would allow for. Using multimedia across different social media platforms also engages current and potential clients.  This includes using videos and pictures that are less work than reading full articles.

Today, if properly used, social media will allow clients to find you, instead of the agents needing to seek out their clients.  When it comes down to it social media just makes life a whole lot easier, especially in real estate.