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Home Lighting

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

Lighting in your home doesn’t always seem like the top priority, and to be honest it doesn’t always sound all that interesting.  But of course we all need lights in our homes, so why not change it up and make it interesting.  It’s important to make sure your home is well-lit and still looking good.

There’s a whole range of different ways to brighten up your home, here are just a few options:

Table Lamps

There’s no commitment with table lamps, you can move them where ever you’d like and have as many as you need.  If you get tired of one, just get rid of it and find a new one.  They’re convenient in the office or on your end tables, where ever works for you!

Both floral and modern, this lamp will add a fun touch to any contemporary space.

Adding a table lamp will certainly make your space feel cozier.

Your lamps don't need to be traditional, they can be practical and act as conversation pieces.

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps become like a piece of furniture in a room.  They can be almost as important as your couch or coffee table.  They truly add something to which ever room.  They’re wonderful when you need to fill up a little bit of extra space or add just a little bit more accent to a room.

Sometimes simple lines and basic metals are all you need to add the final touch to a room.

Unique lines allow you to differentiate your style, and interchangeable lamp shades are a quick fix when you're tired of one style.

Tiffany glass style floor lamps add a touch of glamour.

Cieling Lights

Now these are all about the show.  There are the basic functioning ceiling lamps and then there are those that make a statement.  Depending on which room you’re looking to put lights in you may need to adjust your taste in home lighting.  You can go ultra modern with sleek lines, classy and ornate with chandelier style lights, or simple and homey with soft glows and lampshades.

Combining traditional lighting with contemporary quirks can make a classy and interesting look in any dining room or high ceiling room.

Putting a large ceiling light over a kitchen island is sometimes just enough lighting.

Mini pendant lights are functional and sometimes quirky, they're great for kitchen spaces.

Wall lights

A little trickier to change but certainly more unique are wall lights.  Not everyone has them but they can really accent an extraordinary room. If you have art that you want to showcase or a room that’s really special, wall lighting might be exactly what you want.

Bubbly bathroom lights can make a typically mundane room very interesting and exciting.

Wall sconces can be a nice touch that are often forgotten about.

Classic wall lighting makes a space warm and soothing. It's a nice way to personalize your home too.