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More Developments in Boston!

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

We’ve been pretty excited about the news of all the construction and projects here in Boston. Our last post briefly summarized some of the future projects in Boston and here’s yet another one! Well…actually this one is an old project that was never completed, in fact it never truly began. Supposedly there are plans (which were originally revealed back in 2006) in place to build Boston’s tallest tower. This would take the place of the John Hancock Tower as the tallest building in the city and in New England. At 1000 ft tall in the Financial District this building would most likely house plenty of offices and businesses looking for a change of real estate.

Entrepreneur, Steve Belkin, originally proposed these plans back in 2006 and was met with great praise from the entire city. Then in 2008 the plans just seemed to fall to the wayside as the economy took a dip. All of a sudden these plans appear to be back on track and and the developers are planning to continue with construction although there may be a reduction in the size of the project it is still expected to be about 20 stories taller than the Hancock Tower. No doubt that this is major news for the city.

I thought this was some fairly exciting news for the area and I just wanted to pass it along! Boston could really have a new look within the next 5 to 10 years!

Finally Progress Potential for Filene’s Site

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

This is an issue that is dear to many, if not all, Boston residents. For roughly 3 years now, there has been a gaping hole in the middle of the city’s busy downtown crossing area. We’ve blogged about this before. We have been excited about possible new retail outlets that might move in to where Filene’s used to be, and we’ve discussed the controversy surrounding the developers. Up until about a week ago, Vornando Realty Trust of New York was the sole developer linked to the site. Since then, it has been announced that Millenium Partners have taken control of the site. Vornado is now a more passive partner. Because it was due to Vornado’s conflicts with our mayor, the project had been put on hold, this shift in command means that we should be able to expect some progress soon!

Millenium Partners are no strangers to this area in Boston. It developed the Ritz Carlton Tower and is currently at work with the Hayward Place residences across from the Ritz. Personally, I am excited about something being done to try and rectify this eyesore in one of the city’s most frequented areas. ┬áDo you think this is promising? I certainly have my hopes up for the first time in a while.