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Spring is Getting Closer…

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

As spring in Boston approaches, we have the treat of getting to look forward to some of the city’s most exciting attractions. Between now and May 1, we will be home to The Boston Marathon, the Red Sox Opening Day, Boston Restaurant Week and those iconic swan boats will be back in the Public Garden.

The Boston Marathon

Every April, Boston plays host of hundreds of runners and their families from all over the world as they compete (or attempt to finnish) the infamous 26.2 mile trail right into the heart of downtown Boston. Additional activities on the day (this year, April 16th), include gathering on the Commonwealth Avenue Mall to watch the runners as the enter into their final mile. It is an exciting, emotional and unforgettable experience!

Red Sox Opening Day

What a party indeed! This year, on April 13th, the Red Sox will play the first game of their season at the historic Fenway park against the Tampa Bay Rays. Every year the city of Boston comes together to make their team feel special and at home. It is important to rev them up for the new season.

Boston Restaurant Week

Get your taste buds ready to party without your pocket book having to suffer. This year, restaurant week is March 18-23 & 25-30. There are 200+ restaurants participating in and around Boston and Cambridge. You can access the directory here. This is an excellent way to try new places, or justify returning to your favorites.

The Swan Boats in the Gardens

There are few images that conjure up the feel of Boston in the springtime the way that the swan boats sitting on the pond in the public garden do. They a large part of Boston history, and while they don’t sail quickly, if you haven’t taken a ride on one… I would highly recommend it. Even if you’re a Boston native (or, perhaps especially if you’re a Boston native)– Embrase your inner tourist!

With so much to look forward to, how could you not get excited on days with sunshine like today?

Marathon Monday

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Boston’s favorite day is finally less than a week away! Boston closes its roads to hundreds of runners on a Monday in late April every year. The traditions surrounding the race are huge in the city, and locals find anyway they can to get downtown to mingle with their friends and cheer on the runners. It is an inspiring event! This year, the 18th of April, Boston will welcome once again marathoners from all over the world for the 115th time. The route, a 26.6 mile tour of the Boston area, is scared.

One of my favorite Boston bloggers has outlined some excellent spectator tips for marathon day including how to get around (driving & parking vs public transportation), where to watch, where to eat or grab a beer, what to wear and more! That can be found here:

What are your favorite Marathon Monday stories? I always enjoyed not having class on that day, getting up with my college roommates, taking the camera to go cheer on the runners and stopping to pose with the statues on the Comm Ave mall. We have pictures of us there every year, it has become our tradition! What are yours?